The simplest way to
create & collect Social Content.
Join the only platform that allows creators to own and sell limited edition content to their community.
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“It’s like Tik-Tok,
but I own my content
& I can interact directly with my fans”
Tony Lopez Influencer
Support creators by following, liking and buying their content.
Collect moments from all your favorite creators and transfer them out at any time.
Earn perks, rewards and money through every engagement on the platform.
Social Media
Meets web3
Momento leverages digital ownership to allow both creators and fans to make money through authentic connection.
No crypto wallet needed
Use any form of currency to transact
Stake assets to earn additional rewards
No Blockchain Experience necessary
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Earning money for the content I am passionate about making is exhilarating! Hands down.
Isabella Sosa
Make money
on the platform,
not for the platform.
Apps like Tik Tok and Instagram help creators connect with fans but when it comes to making money, only they win.
Momento empowers creators and fans to all benefit from the communities they build through shared experience and profit. Everybody wins.